Friday, January 30, 2009

Daily Sutras...

Below are sutras, told by SRI SRI Ravi Shankar Guruji

  • The future is very comfortable. Glorifying the past is very comfortable. Seeing God now, here, is difficult. Seeing God in yourself is even more difficult
  • If you just fall in love with a flower, you go on appreciating it and go deep into that, and you will see that flower dissolves into the formless. You will see the space which is hiding deep inside that flower
  • In whomsoever you see whatever good quality---appreciating it, honoring it, heightening it, enlightening it---this is Divine Love, this is bhakti, this is devotion
  • Nature loves fun
  • A big Mind---that is God. And your mind is part of that big Mind.
  • All this universe you see, but you don't see God---which is the life of the whole universe
  • The whole universe is one body

More to come...

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